Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Cool Tips to lose weight

Nothing can ruin efforts as much as winters can for weight watchers. As the mercury falls and snow takes over the roads, none can really escape staying indoors and being at their laziest best. The long pursued weight loss efforts usually goes into the back burner during winters. What is also called as the season that created the infamous couch potato, winters have always been about endless hours on the couches gorging on processed comfort foods and before one can realize all the fitness efforts fly out of the window.


Our body’s weight loss journey does take a setback in these months and if we do not take notice, it only takes little time to damage all that we have achieved over the months.  So, for all of us who always wonder how our clothes never fit post winters, it is all about how does your winter weight loss plan work.

The basic to winter weight loss plan is to always ensure you pile your storage with healthy foods and   ditch all the comfort food. Foods like Bistro MD do manage to give you the right food for winter. Replacing fruits and vegetables will ensure you stay away from the processed foods that kill all your efforts to stay trim. Winter is the body’s slowdown time period, and the best way to regulate it doesn’t add pounds are to eat right. Here’s a list of few must-dos for your winter weight loss plans:

1. Stay busy: Laziness is in the air in winters and nothing can help you as much as keep yourself busy will. It will ensure your cravings do not overpower you and will help you work through regular weight loss diet plans throughout the whole winter.

2. Eat hot: Nothing beats the cold than hot food. A bowl of hot soup is your safest bet in winter and can never go wrong with your weight loss plans. It also helps boost your immunity keeping most winter illnesses at bay. Also, sipping hot water instead of regular through out the winter months will help increase your metabolism and also reduce calories.

3. Snack enough: Small snacks every now and then can be your secret to a healthy diet. However, the snack intake needs to be rich in proteins and calcium to not only serve your hunger pangs but also to deal with the change in weather.Calories can also effect your overall weight loss.Low calorie diet can actually help in weight loss .How many calories to lose weight

4. Pile on the salads: Salads can cut down your calorie intake in all weathers in a substantial way. But for winters, salads ensure it makes your stomach feel full and helps you to avoid eating the high-calorie winter comfort foods.

5. Do not ditch the gym: All the workout that kept you in shape need not go on a holiday during the winter. However cosy the warm blanket seems, the most apt way to beat the lethargy is to exercise. Although it maybe indoors, an exercise ball or a treadmill or just skipping will ensure you burn the excess fat you acquired from the Christmas cookies you gorged on!

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